We believe in your project, do you?


Tech4Equity is our way of supporting cash-flow management in high potential businesses. It’s simple, yet effective, we exchange part of the costs for a portion of the company. A win-win strategy that brings us closer together.

Am I the right candidate?

Do you believe you have a high potential business? Then, you are the right candidate, basta. There is no routine in our process, there’s no bla, bla. There is you, and there is us, we get together and get to know each other to analyse if it’s a win-win to get together for the long run.

Am I too small? Or too big?

There is no such thing. Can we have added value in the long run? Can you benefit from having us onboard in years to come? Then we have something to talk about.

Am I in the right place?

Is there such thing as a wrong place? We don’t think so. We speak 7 different languages, have offices in two countries, believe in different religions and philosophies, spend thousands of hours travelling a year, have different political and monetary ideologies, support different teams and like different things, yet, we are all in the right place.

Is it a one-time thing?

Tech4Equity is a program for the long term. If we enter in your ownership structure, we will be tackling together all eventualities in our common road to sucess.

The big small print

OSEA Innovations reserves the right to accept or refuse a project at its own discretion. We evaluate each opportunity individually and as humans, hence we sometimes made mistakes and we refuse projects that are fantastic companies.

We commit to look for the best interest of each and every company that enters the program Tech4Equity.


What we are looking for:


Can we grow bigger together? We will carry out a study in order to assess it. Our goal of success is common, it is a significant step and it is important for all parties to assess the position that your idea will have on the market when it is launched.


Are you doing something different? We are passionate about challenge. Thus, innovation in technological tools is for us a central starting point to enter the program.


Are you passionate enough to make it happen? We will discover together how convinced you are and what are the real motivators behind your project.