OSEA Innovations is the company we wish we could partner with when we first started our own businesses.

Based in Geneva
with two offices
in Barcelona
and Salamanca 

After years of working together, our founders, Blas and Jonathan, came together to create OSEA Innovations to cater those in need for a trustworthy partner when they need it the most. We are founders, just like you.

With our main headquarters in Geneva, we have two more offices, one in Barcelona and another in Salamanca and we currently employ circa 20 people from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences.

From video game design to marketplace development, al the way through sales and marketing, we look and analyse our client’s issues as our own so our years of experience can be of use, not only in design and development, but across the whole business.

We reinvent creativity on an ever-broader canvas, bringing together talent, resources and skills to provide our experience, strategies and technology in an efficient and cost-effective matter, just as we would have wished to have it when we first started


At OSEA Innovations each project is unique and has its own approach. They are not a numbers amongst other clients, we only work with a select set of companies in which we believe, at least as much as their founders do.

If you have an idea that you want to bring to market, or an established business and need to solve a specific issue, don’t wait any longer, we are here to take action and analyse it with you to come up with the implementation of the right solution.

“Ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions” (Steve Jobs)